March 3-5, 2016 | 95th Annual Meeting | Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft

We thank the following sponsors and exhibitors for their generous support:
(Last Update: January 2016)



(in alphabetical order) 

AQAI GmbH, Germany
BIOMOL GmbH, Germany
BIOPAC Systems, Inc., USA
Chroma Technology GmbH, Germany
DMT A/S, Denmark
Femtonics Kft., Hungary
Fine Science Tools GmbH, Germany
Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH
, Germany
HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH, Germany
Hugo Sachs Elektronik - Harvard Apparatus GmbH, Germany
LaVision BioTec GmbH, Germany
Mountain Photonics GmbH, Germany
Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH, Germany 
npi electronic GmbH, Germany
OSPIN GmbH, Germany
Roper Scientific GmbH, Germany
RWD Life Science Co., Ltd., China
Science Products GmbH, Germany
Visitron Systems GmbH, Germany
World Precision Instruments, Germany


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