Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft30.09.2019 - 02.10.2019 Ulm

„Teaching Scientific Competencies in Physiology“
(29 September 2019)

Scientific competencies have been defined as a major teaching goal of medical curricula. Currently, however, they are not sufficiently addressed. Indeed, medical students, graduates, politics as well as external reviewers repeatedly demand more emphasis on scientific competencies, especially in the scientifically strong disciplines, e.g. physiology. Teaching science, and assessing the corresponding competencies, however, is challenging. This workshop will address integration of scientific competencies in physiology courses. Participants of the workshop can expect an interactive mix of short talks and focus groups.

Following an introduction into formal frameworks, we will highlight how scientific competencies can be defined, translated into didactic concepts and, finally, assessed. Best practice examples from integrative scientific curricula will illustrate current concepts from several german faculties. Participants will discuss strategies how they can address scientific competencies in their own teaching units. Finally, challenges and need for development and research are discussed.

Schedule (9:00-13:30):

- introduction of formal frameworks (e.g. ÄApprO, NKLM, „Masterplan 2020“, „Empfehlungen des Wissenschaftsrats“)
- focus groups on:

  • definition of scientific competencies
  • translation of formal learning targets (“Lernziele”) into didactic concepts
  • development of courses addressing specific competencies
  • assessment of scientific competencies
  • challenges and need for Research

- best practice examples:

  • longitudinal interdisciplinary scientific curricula
  • physiology courses addressing scientific competencies

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